Friday, 11 March 2016

Evolution of a character Part 2

With a new look for Vickers we quickly went on to build a new version of the game. we had applied to GameCity in the Nottingham arcade museum and this is where we showed our new and improved Vanishing Point

Around this time we also posted this version of the game to Newgrounds, we wanted to get a wider range of feedback. We were pleasantly surprised when Newgrounds featured Vanishing Point on their front page, this gave us a great deal of exposure but also brought up some issues.
Up until this point we had been working with Alice Cowley, who as our artist had done a great job getting us to this point, but due to conflicting schedules Alice had to leave us. this left us with a slight dilemma, as we had a game that we were becoming more and more proud of but we didn't have an artist to finish the project.  With a rising panic I searched for a new artist that could realise our project, after a short search I found Stephanie Overstreet a young artist from America. It was clear that Stephanie had the ability to take Vanishing Point to the next level visually.  

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