Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Trivia Tuesday!

It’s Trivia Tuesday everyone!

Since it’s our first ever Trivia Tuesday for No Sky Visible, we’ll kick it off with the teams most played games to get you closer to our amazing team. As one of our favourite pass times it’s been important to all of us here at NSV, so let’s see what games have taken us deep into countless worlds, from killing noobs to building cities and conquering the world, we all have our fancy.

Creative Director Ben has found his inner Roman emperor by ruling over ancient Europe in Rome: Total War, although he wasn’t exactly Cesar, he found it extremely captivating and enjoyable commanding his armies all across the old world, he would spend days at the keyboard clicking away killing whatever rebellious barbarian clan rose up to claim his land. Ben also took a shining to the extremely difficult game: Dark Souls, because killing demons and terrifying beasts before getting ripped in half is always fun.
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Your God of Sunlight won't save you here Ben of Astora! 

Programmer Paul had this to say about his most played game. 

“Sim City 4 by far. I must have thousands of hours in that game. Once you start modding the base game there's no stopping. I was never really interested in getting the cities to work as the game intended, so I'd just cheat my way to creating the city I wanted to make. I also spent a lot of time making my own buildings for the game and sharing them with the community. That game was more of a hobby than a pastime!”
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Games Designer Paul spent countless hours exploring and fighting in the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3, he said

“My first Bethesda game. The moment you leave the vault, look at the world set before you, with the realisation that you could go and do whatever you wanted was initially daunting. That feeling soon turned to excitement as you had a whole world to explore, stories to uncover, and that excitement never faded over the 200+ hours I put into the game and the dlc.”
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Sound Artist Jonny loves to spend his gaming hours online, killing all those noobs who want to sleep with everyone’s mothers.
“I played black ops 2 and 3 online to death however battlefield 1 is going well,
haven’t had a lot of time to really get into a great game with a huge story at moment which is a shame. I guess it's those kind of games for me at the minute that I can just pick up and put down as and when I can, and I still get the satisfaction knowing I'm pissing people off online when I'm killing them and they start screaming down the mic”
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And of course me, the Community Manager. For me there’s no shadow of a doubt it’s Medieval 2: Total War, that game has sucked an entire 410 hours of my life away, that’s 17 full days of trying to conquer the corners of the globe and to this day I find myself going back to it to fight one more empire, I’d do it all again if I got those hours back. I’ve always enjoyed grand strategy games like Total War since it gives me a glimpse of what those epic battles that shaped our world could’ve looked like, god damn I love history!
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Now you’ve heard our most played games, we’d love to hear yours!

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