Thursday, 12 January 2017

No Sky Visible has a new Community Manager!

Hello Everyone!

No Sky Visible has a new Community Manager!

My name is Rick Clark and I’ll be introducing you to all the new and exciting news straight from the NSV headquarters in Sheffield as well as bringing you closer to the development team and past projects with Trivia Tuesday, Throwback Thursday and website updates every 2 weeks.

So how about getting to know your new Community Manager? *Applause*

I’m 20 years old and currently studying a HND course in Games Development which has fuelled my passion to be involved in this amazing industry and be a part of the global obsession of gaming and the culture its created. I met Creative Director Ben Sutcliffe when he came into my class to have a look at student’s work, during which he asked me and a few others to take part in a student project for a prototype game at #NoSkyVisible. I found the whole project extremely exciting (our hero’s journey begins!?). We developed a title called Dream Lord with the idea being that reality could be changed and manipulated by someone strong enough to control a magical mirror, meaning the player could create and place everything in an expansive world before playing it. I worked heavily on the narrative side of the game as well as doing some art pieces to be used in the intro. Overall it was a brilliant project and I’ve stuck with No Sky Visible ever since.

See you soon

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